Whether it is at the wellhead or in a Central Processing Facility, regardless of whether it is raw crude or natural gas, produced water, condensate, LPG, or LNG, the Oil & Gas Industry must have a place to store gases and liquids for processing, import, or export. Gullett provides surveying, right of way, drafting, GIS, and 3D scanning services to the terminals industry. Experience and focus on the terminals industry allow us to deliver higher value services.


with more detailed, accurate maps, plus real-time access to all your survey, right-of-way, and drafting information in one centralized location


from a partner who's earned their stripes managing projects like yours in some of the most complex regions of the world


from a detail-obsessed team that's committed to getting it right the first time and seeing you through any challenge the project throws your way

Growing Up Gullett

In 1972, Sydney Bowles Gullett probably couldn’t have guessed that his one-man survey business would grow into a booming international pipeline services company. But in Houston, there’s no limit to what you can do with a big, Texas-sized idea – and there’s certainly no shortage of pipeline projects. It wasn’t long before Gullett added right-of-way and drafting to our list of services, and we quickly gained a reputation in the Houston Ship Channel for being able to deftly navigate the jungle of physical, regulatory, and unexpected barriers that stand in the way of successful pipeline projects. Along the way, we earned the trust of industry leaders by bringing more data, more know-how, and more follow-through to every project.

Today, over 50 years later, we’re helping the world’s largest pipeline companies tackle complex projects up and down the Gulf Coast, across the Midwest, and even in South America. In the face of growing complexity, we’re bringing a unique data-driven approach that others are either too small or too big to successfully deliver. As we continue to grow and expand our reach, there’s one thing that has and always will remain the same: our commitment to helping our clients see their way through anything.

In 2021, Gullett joined the Transglobal Services family of companies. Now, we have more resources, more data, and can serve more areas through this partnership.

Pipeline Construction
Project Services

  • Preliminary
  • Issued-For-Bid (IFB)
  • Issued-For-Construction (IFC)
  • As-Built

The Gullett Team

We have high standards of who represents Gullett and therefore employ detail-oriented employees who take pride in executing projects meticulously, accurately and promptly. Our company mantra is "Do it right the first time", and we strive day-in and day-out to live by it. Our personnel are available on a project-by-project basis, thereby eliminating the need for our clients to increase staff size and incur additional employee costs.

Our Expert Teams Consist Of:

  • Right-of-Way Agents
  • Title Document Specialists
  • GIS Analysts
  • CAD Technicians
  • Certified Professional Land Surveyors and Survey Crews