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The process industry is constantly challenged by ever-changing regulations, industry standards, and a highly competitive market. With nearly 50 years of experience serving the chemical and refining industry, you can rest assured that Gullett is a partner that understands your industry and has the confidence that comes with decades of experience.

Gullett works with customers to overcome even the most unique challenges in the chemical and refining industry...

Chemical Company Adds Dedicated PM To The Mix, Rescues Lagging Project

Picture this, you're a global chemical company that's been named one of the World's Most Admired Companies by Fortune. In addition to being the largest licensor of polyethylene and polypropylene technologies, you also raise and give away millions of dollars to charity each year.

But, you're having problems with your pipeline services company. Every time you have a question, you get all runaround and no answers. And when you're told you'll get an update next week, you know it will really be next month. As a result, project progress has slowed to a crawl.

So, you turn to Gullett. We assign you a dedicated project manager who gets everything moving again - and keeps you in the loop every step of the way. When questions come up or adjustments need to happen, you've always got someone you can call who treats the issue with the same urgency as you and gets it resolved as quickly as possible.

Now, your project is running more smoothly than ever. If new problems pop up, or you need more information to get the job done, you know you've got someone you can count on to help you see your way through anything.